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With so many different types of ammunition, choosing the best way to store it can be a challenge. Luckily, our guide can help you find an appropriate container for your ammunition that will keep it safe, secure, and ready to use when needed.

Learn more about the five best ammunition storage ideas to keep your ammo safe while not in use.

From bullet cases to safes, find the best solution for your needs and keep scrolling to learn more about ammunition storage including humidity, temperature levels and more affect your ammo.

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Ammo storage. A photo of a box full of handgun bullets.

Ammo Storage

It’s important to store your ammo in the correct way in order to ensure that it performs optimally when you need it.

To do this, you’ll want to find an ammo storage option that works for you.

This could be an ammo box, ammunition bag, an ammo crate, or even an ammo safe – all of which provide a secure and protective environment for your ammunition and have their own unique uses, pros and cons.

Materials vary from plastic or metal for durability and protection against any external elements.

So get organized and secure your rounds with your favorite ammo storage solution and let’s learn how to store ammo the right way!

1. Ammo Boxes: Fireproof Ammo Cans and Cases

Ammo boxes are an ideal solution for ammunition storage and come in a variety of sizes to meet different shooting needs.

They are generally constructed from strong materials such as plastic, steel, or aluminum and feature handles or latches that make transport easy. Some even come equipped with locks for added security.

Furthermore, these boxes provide superior protection against damage caused by the weather or mishandling.

For those looking to organize their ammo, certain models are designed with foam padding and dividers to keep it all organized.

Ammo boxes provide a reliable way of storing and transporting your ammunition while ensuring safety and security at all times.

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2. Ammo Bags

The portability of ammo bags is one of their chief advantages – most come with either shoulder straps or handles so they are easy to transport.

This makes them ideal for trips to the shooting range or hunting expeditions that require carrying ammo along with you.

Many designs feature additional compartments for storing shooting accessories like ear protection and lenses, as well as cleaning kits.

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3. Ammo Crates

Ammo crates are a reliable and secure way to store ammunition. Made from non-corrosive and non-rusting plastic, these cases are lightweight yet extremely durable.

They come in all shapes and sizes so that you can store different calibers of ammo and keep them organized for easy retrieval and transport.

With dividers inside of some crates, it’s simple to find just the right type of ammo for your shooting session. Plastic ammo crates keep any dust or debris out, providing protection from the elements while you’re on the move.

For any gun enthusiast seeking security, ammo crates are an essential tool.

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4. Ammo Safes

Ammo safes are another secure way to store ammunition, especially if you have a large collection or want to keep your ammunition safe from theft.

Under Bed Ammunition Storage Safes

Under bed safes are a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space in their homes or want to keep their ammunition close at hand.

These safes are easily slid under a bed or couch and are usually made of heavy duty steel or aluminum.

Some models also come with locking mechanisms that ensure your ammunition stays safe and secure.

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Metal Ammunition Storage Cabinet

For those with more space and a larger ammunition collection, metal ammunition cabinets are a great option.

These ammo storage cabinets are constructed from heavy duty steel and can store hundreds or even thousands of rounds of ammunition.

They often come with multiple shelves and drawers for easy organization, making it easy to access your ammunition when you need it.

Most metal ammunition cabinets also come with locking mechanisms, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your ammunition.

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5. Bullet Case

Looking for a safe and efficient way to store your ammo? Invest in a bullet case!

These cases are usually made from plastic and have foam inserts to house individual rounds separately, ensuring that your ammo is kept secure.

Not only does this give you an added layer of protection for your bullets, but it can also be a more cost-effective solution since ammunition is becoming more and more expensive.

With bullet cases, you don’t have the risk of ammunition getting lost in loose storage or damaged due to it being randomly thrown into a bag or box.

Ultimately, investing in a bullet case is a great option for ammo storage!

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Ammunition Storage FAQs

Proper storage of ammunition is essential for keeping it in optimal condition and ensuring reliable firing when needed. Ammo boxes, bags, crates, and safes are all excellent solutions for storing your cartridges.

To further ensure your ammunition’s integrity, it’s important to keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

High temperatures and moisture can damage the propellant inside cartridges, leading to potential misfires. Additionally, rotating through your ammunition periodically ensures you’re only working with fresh rounds.

Labeling your ammo containers with information such as caliber, manufacturer name and date of purchase will allow you to track your inventory more easily.

Where to Store Ammo at Home Safely

When it coms to figuring out where to store ammo at home safely, it should be a top priority. Make sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Investing in a safe or locked cabinet is a great way to protect your ammo from unauthorized access, theft, and environmental factors like humidity and temperature changes.

Avoid storing it where there are extreme temperatures and areas prone to moisture, as this can cause damage to the cartridges and make them unsafe for use.

When deciding where to store your ammunition at home, carefully consider what balances accessibility with safety and protection.

Best Humidity for Ammo Storage

Humidity levels play a major role in ammo storage. Higher humidity can lead to corroded metal casings, diminished gunpowder and primers, and ineffectual or even dangerous ammunition.

For optimal storage conditions it’s important to keep the storage area between 30-60% on the hygrometer to avoid any kind of damage caused by humidity. To manage these levels you may need to use a dehumidifier if moisture levels exceed the ideal range.

Ammo should also be kept away from direct sunlight or extreme temperature changes and stored in a cool, dry place for best results.

By ensuring proper precautions are taken to maintain optimal humidity levels your ammunition can remain functional and safe.

Ammo Storage Temperature

Temperature control is essential for proper ammo storage and preservation.

Best practice is to store ammunition in a cool environment between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit, away from areas experiencing extreme temperature fluctuations such as garages, basements, and attics.

Furthermore, keep the cartridges away from direct sunlight or any sources of heat like radiators or ovens as these can quickly raise the temperature and damage the propellant inside.

By following this advice and maintaining the right storage temperatures, you can count on your ammo remains in great condition.

Label Your Ammo Storage Containers

Keeping your ammunition in clearly labeled containers is a great way to stay organized when storing ammo. First, decide on a labeling system that works best for you such as by caliber, manufacturer or type of ammunition.

Label the containers with a label maker or permanent marker with all the relevant information such as caliber, quantity and date of purchase.

If you plan to store ammo for an extended period, include labels with ideal storage conditions such as temperature and humidity levels.

Labeling ammo storage containers helps keep your ammo organized and easily accessible while also making sure it stays in top shape!

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Ammo Storage: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, proper ammo storage is crucial for the safety of gun owners and their families. Storing ammo properly and the safety of yourself and those around you is always your responsibility and no one else.

Storing ammunition in a secure, dry, and cool place with controlled humidity and temperature will extend its lifespan and ensure its reliability when needed.

Various options are available, such as ammo cans, crates, bags, and safes, each with their unique features and advantages.

Additionally, labeling containers with critical information such as caliber, quantity, and date of purchase can help keep track of inventory and prevent confusion.

By following these guidelines, gun owners can maintain their ammunition in top condition and enjoy a safe and fulfilling shooting experience.

For more information, seek professional council from an organization such as the NRA regarding the safe storage of guns and ammunition.

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