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Long range hunting is a sport that requires precision, patience, and proper planning.

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just starting out, it’s important to have the right gear and techniques to ensure a successful hunt.

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But with long range hunting comes certain risks – so before you hit the field, be sure to read up on these tips for a safer and more rewarding experience.

Always begin your long range hunting journey with a guide who is experienced in long range hunting.

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Long range hunting. Photo of a bear on a hillside at 300 yards.

Long Range Hunting

Long range hunting is an exhilarating and rewarding experience for adventurous hunters to take on. It requires skill, patience, and preparation to succeed.

As a beginner, it’s important to understand the basics of long range hunting before setting out into the field.

This guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to get started such as what gear to use, safety tips and techniques to help improve your aim and accuracy.

Long Range Hunting and its Purpose

Long range hunting involves taking down animals from a distance typically beyond 300 yards. This is a challenging but ethical form of hunting that requires specialized skills and equipment.

The purpose of long range hunting is not only to test your shooting abilities but also to reduce the likelihood of injury to the animal being hunted.

Due to the distance between you and the animal, it is far less likely for them to detect you, which increases your chances of hitting your target accurately while causing minimal distress to the animal.

With that said, it’s important to note that long range hunting isn’t for everyone and should be approached with care and responsibility.

Best Long Range Hunting Guns and Caliber

Choosing the right gun and caliber for your long range hunting will make or break your success.

Generally speaking, any bolt-action rifle with a 6mm or larger caliber is considered suitable for long range hunting.

For experienced hunters looking to take on more challenging prey, larger calibers such as .300 Win Mag are recommended.

For highly skilled shooters, precision rifles such as the Remington 700 and Savage 10 are ideal choices.

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Best Long Range Hunting Game

When it comes to long range hunting, there are a few game animals best suited for the task.

Medium and large game, such as deer, wild boars, hunting bear, and even elk offer challenges as they require precision shooting from farther away than small game animals like when you’re hunting rabbits or squirrel hunting.

In addition, species like antelope with less densely-packed muscle tissues and small vital areas make for ideal targets at long range distances.

Always remember to follow the laws in your area when choosing the type of animal you wish to hunt.

Essential Gear for Long Range Hunting

Long range hunting requires specialized gear that can handle the variables of long distance shooting.

First, you’ll need a high quality rifle with a scope specifically designed for long range shooting.

Look for scopes with adjustable magnification and reticles that allow for accurate shots at varying distances.

Additionally, you’ll need ammunition that is specifically designed for long range hunting and optics, such as rangefinders and spotting scopes, to assist in tracking animals from afar.

Other important gear to consider includes a sturdy tripod or rest, comfortable hunting boots, camouflage clothing to blend in with your environment, and protective ear and eye wear.

Make sure to invest in quality equipment that will last and always practice proper safety protocols while handling firearms.

Long Range Hunting Gear List

  1. Long Range Rifle: A long range rifle with a high-quality scope is essential for hitting targets at long distances. A rifle with a heavy barrel is preferred as it reduces recoil and allows for more precise shots.
  2. Ammunition: High quality ammunition with a high ballistic coefficient is essential for long range shooting. The ammunition should be matched to the rifle and caliber for the best results.
  3. Spotting Scope: A spotting scope helps the shooter to locate game at a long distance and determine the range of the target. It is also useful for spotting bullet impact and making adjustments to the scope.
  4. Range Finder: A range finder is used to accurately determine the distance between the shooter and the target. This is essential for making precise shots at long distances.
  5. Shooting Rest: A shooting rest provides a stable platform for the rifle and helps to reduce shooter fatigue. It also helps to reduce movement and vibration, allowing for more precise shots.
  6. Binoculars: A good pair of binoculars helps the shooter to locate game at a long distance and determine if the animal is a legal and ethical target.
  7. Backpack: A backpack is needed to carry all of the necessary gear for a long range hunting trip, including water, food, and first aid supplies.
  8. Clothing and Boots: Clothing and boots should be chosen based on the hunting environment and weather conditions. Warm, waterproof clothing and sturdy boots are essential for a comfortable and safe hunting experience.
  9. Game Processing Kit: A game processing kit is essential for field dressing and processing game. This kit should include a knife, saw, and gloves.

Long Range Hunting Rifles

If you’re an experienced hunter or shooter, you know that having a rifle that can accurately reach out to long distances is essential for success.
Whether you’re hunting big game in open fields or competing in long range shooting competitions, having the right rifle can make all the difference.
Let’s take a look at the best rifles for long range hunting and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Tikka T3x TAC A1: This rifle is a popular choice for hunters and competitive shooters alike. With a lightweight aluminum chassis, adjustable stock, and accurate barrel, the Tikka T3x TAC A1 is built to perform. It’s also highly customizable, with plenty of accessory rails and other add-ons available.

Remington Model 700 Long Range: The Remington Model 700 has been a staple in the hunting and shooting world for decades, and the Long Range model takes things to the next level. With a heavy barrel, adjustable trigger, and durable stock, the Model 700 Long Range is capable of hitting targets at long distances with ease.

Savage Arms 110 Tactical: The Savage Arms 110 Tactical is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on features. It’s available in a variety of calibers, has a comfortable stock, and a durable barrel that can handle plenty of rounds. It’s also highly accurate, making it a great choice for long range hunting.

Bergara B-14 HMR: The Bergara B-14 HMR is a precision rifle that’s designed to be highly accurate at long distances. It has a heavy barrel, adjustable stock, and a smooth trigger that can be customized to your liking. With a range of calibers available, the B-14 HMR is a versatile choice for both hunting and shooting.

Weatherby Mark V Accumark: The Weatherby Mark V Accumark is a high-end rifle that’s built to perform in any conditions. It has a durable stock, adjustable trigger, and a barrel that’s designed to be highly accurate. While it’s not the most budget-friendly option on the list, the Mark V Accumark is an investment that will last for years.

When choosing a long range hunting rifle, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

First and foremost, accuracy is paramount. Look for a rifle with a heavy barrel and a smooth trigger that can be adjusted to your liking.

You’ll also want to consider the weight and overall design of the rifle, as well as any customization options that are available.

Proper Techniques for Long Range Hunting

Long range hunting requires specific techniques to increase your chances of success.

One of the essential techniques is to avoid alerting the animals with unnecessary movement or noise by keeping yourself hidden and using proper camouflage.

You should also take advantage of natural barriers, such as trees or rocks, to blend in and stay out of sight while you wait for your target. Another technique is to use spotting scopes and binoculars to locate your game from a distance instead of getting too close and accidentally spooking them.

Additionally, practice proper shooting form by keeping yourself steady, breathing naturally, and squeezing the trigger slowly for accurate shots.

Remember to always prioritize safety above all else and make ethical decisions when it comes to targeting and taking down your prey.

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Best Rifle Ammunition for Long Range Hunting

If you’re planning on long range hunting, then the ammunition you choose is just as important as the rifle you use. The right ammunition can make all the difference when it comes to accuracy, trajectory, and energy transfer. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best rifle ammunition for long range hunting.

Hornady Precision Hunter: The Hornady Precision Hunter is one of the best long range hunting rounds on the market. It features a polymer tip for better accuracy and energy transfer, as well as a boat-tail design for improved ballistic performance at longer ranges.

Federal Premium Gold Medal: The Federal Premium Gold Medal is a match-grade round that’s perfect for long range hunting. It features a boat-tail design for improved accuracy and trajectory, as well as a hollow point boat-tail bullet for better energy transfer.

Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range: The Nosler Trophy Grade Long Range is another excellent choice for long range hunting. It features a high ballistic coefficient for improved accuracy and trajectory, as well as a polymer tip for better energy transfer.

Berger VLD Hunting: The Berger VLD Hunting round is designed specifically for long range hunting. It features a high ballistic coefficient for improved accuracy and trajectory, as well as a boat-tail design for better energy transfer.

Barnes LRX: The Barnes LRX is a lead-free, polymer-tipped round that’s perfect for long range hunting. It features a boat-tail design for improved accuracy and trajectory, as well as a solid copper construction for better energy transfer.

When choosing rifle ammunition for long range hunting, it’s important to consider a number of factors, including accuracy, trajectory, and energy transfer. The rounds listed above are all excellent choices that are designed specifically for long range hunting. Remember to always practice safe hunting practices and follow local hunting regulations.

Long Range Hunting Caliber

There are many factors to consider when choosing a long range caliber, such as accuracy, recoil, bullet weight, and velocity. Here are some of the best long range calibers that are popular among hunters:

.300 Winchester Magnum: This is a popular long range caliber due to its high accuracy and velocity. It is effective at long distances and can take down large game like elk and moose.

.338 Lapua Magnum: This caliber is designed for extreme long range shooting and is favored by military snipers. It has a high velocity, low recoil, and is capable of taking down large game at great distances.

6.5 Creedmoor: This is a newer caliber that has become increasingly popular among hunters due to its long range accuracy and low recoil. It is also suitable for medium sized game like deer.

.270 Winchester: This is a classic hunting caliber that has been popular for decades. It has a flat trajectory and is suitable for medium sized game.

.308 Winchester: This is another classic long range caliber. It has a good balance of accuracy, velocity, and recoil, and is effective on medium to large sized game.

When choosing a long range caliber, it is important to consider your individual needs and preferences, as well as the type of game you will be hunting. Consult with a professional to find the best caliber for your hunting needs.

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Best Places for Long Range Hunting

When it comes to long range hunting, selecting the correct location can make or break a successful hunt. It is vital to identify areas which provide a clear line of view for shots taken at length but are also secure and licensed for hunting.

Such places can include flat grasslands, considerable mountain ranges, and deep gorges, all of which offer chances to take effective shots from far away.

Long range hunting on the open plains can be an exhilarating experience, as they provide plenty of space and no obstructions to your view. From a distance you can identify your target, allowing you to take your time and get ready for a perfect shot.

High mountains also offer great opportunities as they provide an elevated position that grants a clear view of the area below. You can setup camp at the mountain’s summit, waiting for prey to appear in eyesight.

Deep in valleys can provide a great experience for long range hunting compared to flat terrain, but it comes with its own challenges. Navigating around the sides of a valley and shooting accurately can be difficult and require top notch skills.

Additionally, getting to the animal after shooting it, tracking, field dressing, and hauling the game out of a rocky valley presents its own issues.

Ultimately, the best spot for long range hunting will depend on the type of game you’re trying to hunt and your skill level. You may want to learn more about long range shooting before trying your hand at this sport.

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Long Range Hunting: Final Thoughts

For the long range hunter, there is no greater thrill than successfully taking down game from great distances. To pull it off requires skill, dedication, and top-notch gear that can stand up to the rigors of hunting and shooting.

With the right rifle and ammunition, coupled with precision scopes and rangefinders, any hunter can become a master of long range hunting. Once out in the hunt though, it’s a unique feeling like no other!

Additionally, long range hunting is an experience that offers more than just the thrill of hitting your target- there’s also a sense of precision, skill and accuracy that comes with it.

With stunning scenery to take in while you wait for your shot, long range hunting takes you to picturesque and unspoiled environments – from vast windswept plains to tall mountain ranges.

So if you’re an adrenaline seeking thrill-seeker who enjoys the wilds of nature, why not try long range hunting? This sport is both mentally and physically challenging that will test all your shooting abilities as well as push you to your limit.

So don’t wait any longer, get properly outfitted and begin long range hunting today! You’ll definitely won’t regret it.

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